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 Teaching is a call and a requirement from the Lord cf  Pr 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Christ's Church throughout all the ages has continued to harken to the call and our college does practice this through commissioning students to Sunday School and  schools which request and are around the College.

God commanded Moses to  “gather the people together , men and women and children that they may hear and that they May Learn”. Deut 13 :12

At RBC Sunday School teaching is  offered  as a course to the students and the students learn the Art of Teaching and are assessed and encouraged to take the opportunity, open  to the college

For this ministry we encourage well-wishers to support the students with teaching aids  like Flannel boards, Pictograph, Art Lessons objects, or Lesson books , tracts for Children, or any other aid to
this service and for sure we will use them in this Ministry.

We hope to introduce Vocational Bible School training (VBS)  for the Sunday School Teachers around us so that we can assist to uplift their Bible knowledge and equip them with the teaching ability. The Plan  is on the way but we may need prayers and support. Willing participants are welcomed to share in this ministry. This may go hand in hand with introduction of Youth Camp Ministries.(YCM)

We have Over 80 Churches  that need trained teachers  who can teach the Children in the way they should grow in the Lord. Pray that we get good instructors.

Those with a personal relationship with Christ and active in the acquisition of knowledge,        

Those who are associated with the principle of teaching  ,those that can interpret make the truth clear and   effective   in the edification to the hearers.

Also those who can  expound the gospel in Sunday Schools in true teaching and educational exposition of the word. Those who  will give  mental and spiritual nourishment, and guard and support those under their care. And the religious teacher needs to oversee with an aptitude for teaching  in Christ Likeness. All these can only be done through prayers and great determination unto the goals, and this is why we hope to start VBS training Center in the College.







































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