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The College choir consists exclusively of  all able singers as one essential qualification of an active member  is that  a good voice, that can make a melodious sound to the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords.

The place held by music in worship is unique. Besides poetry, it is the only Art that seems to have been cultivated to any extent in ancient Israel as it is to all Christian institutions.

Music that can build an interpretation with it's accompaniment of all praises, depends on  it's degree of  fitness in moods and feelings expressed and maintained in any Christian institutions which not only marks  the antitheses of joy and sorrow, hope and fear, faith and doubt, but   marks  every shade and quality of sentiment found in Singing . It is hardly possible to suppose that the people who originated all hat wealth of emotional utterance should have been without a corresponding ability to invent diversified melodies, or should have been content with the bald and colorless recitative usually attributed to them. The Apostle Paul encourages us to continue“Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord”

The College Choir indeed is designed, and conducted in a manner that keeps up a lively sense of the mercy and goodness of God. As an  art, it  calls for learning and good practice . It  takes  a joyous heart to make it work in  burdened souls.

It also needs knowledge to express its poetic messages. So good guidance and relative source is necessary to maintain this gift .Currently,  pray for  Choir Master Peter Mutemi   to keep to the Choir's goals and expectations that remain always “making melody in your heart to the Lord”

Singing Life  at RBC is  a great  heavenly preparation. Singers answers one to another in responsive singing. This speaks to the inner life of each student, thus the College music has  granted more inspiration beyond anything known in the college and to the open air evangelism in prayer meeting and has all opened doors for the ministry.
Pray or join us in any assistance, as song books and Instruments as the Lord guides you and the Lord will bless you.





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