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Rules and Regulations


There is one general rule, which underlies all of the following Rules and Regulations of Reformed Bible College

and Technical School: admission to, attendance at, and graduation from, the College is a privilege and not a

right. A student may legalistically observe all the rules to the letter without manifesting a spirit of love for the Lord,

for His people or for spiritual things. Thus, if in the opinion of the Faculty, a student fails to show that spirit of humility,

of a willingness to learn and of a love for the souls of men, then the Faculty reserves to itself the right to ask the

student to leave the College for reasons specified or unspecified, but deemed sufficient by the Faculty.

Students should realise that rules are made to ensure the smooth running of the College and may be altered,

as circumstances require. They may not, however, be altered through the instigation of the students, who

should rather familiarise themselves with the rules, and conduct themselves accordingly, as

consciously preparing themselves to be future Christian leaders.

For this reason, students are expected to sign on their application forms a promise to abide by the

rules of the College during their stay here.

Admission Procedures

  1. In applying to Reformed Bible College, the student must:

  1. Have the qualifications required for admission to the stream for which the application is made.

    • KCPE level of education is the requirement for both the technical and the Bible School stream.

    • KSCE or three years at a recognised Bible School will qualify a candidate for the Bible College stream.

  2. Obtain an official application form from the College or download it from the college’s website.

  3. Send in the application form duly filled and signed. A non-refundable application fee of Ksh 200 must 

    accompany the application. Otherwise, the application will not be acted upon.

  4. Allow adequate time for processing the application and notification to the applicant of the action taken.

  1. All applications by theological students must be received by 30th of September for admission to the

College for the following yearly intake in January. Intake for technical students will be in February,

after the KCPE results.

  1. All returning students must report to the College by 4 pm on the opening day. Students arriving at the

     College after this time may be asked to go back and bring their parent/guardian with them the

     following day. Students will be asked to work on the College farm an equivalent of the hours of class 

    missed at the opening of each term.

  2. The term’s fees are due upon the student’s arrival at the College. Students are required to pay their

     term’s fees in full and are discouraged from going to their dormitories with their fees.

Academic Regulations

  1. Students are expected to be punctual at all times and for all official functions. Punctuality in daily 

    classes is a cardinal requirement.

  2. Attendance of classes is a cardinal rule. Absenteeism from classes is permitted only for 

    sickness; prior permission from the class teacher and the principal is necessary for other urgent 

    circumstances that may require a student’s absence from class. Absenteeism can and does affect 

    a student’s performance.

  3. Homework is expected to be done on time.
    Incomplete assignments must be reported to the teacher concerned at the beginning of the class for 

    which it is due. For every class hour, students are expected to study two hours on their own.

  4. The pass mark on all internal examinations is 60 %. A mark within the range of 56% to 59% may be 

    made up within the first two weeks of the following term. The mark will then be raised to 60%. This 

    provision is allowed for only one subject per term. Such make-up arrangement must be made 

    through the consultation and concurrence of the teacher concerned.

  5. Official languages at RBC are English and Kiswahili to be used at all official functions.

  6. Any new student, College or Bible School stream, who fails to maintain a two-thirds pass each 

    term during his/her first year (that is at least 30 credit hours) may be asked either to repeat the 

    class, or, in the case of College stream, to join the Bible School stream, or to leave the College.

  7. To graduate with a diploma, a student must earn, in the case of Bible School stream, 120 credit-hours, 

    and in the case of the Bible College stream, 180 credit-hours. A credit hour is computed as a 

    successful completion of one class hour period per week for the 12 weeks in a term.

  8. Transfer students from other Bible Colleges or Bible schools may be admitted, but must earn at 

    least 90 credit hours for bible college diploma or 60 credit hours for Bible school diploma to graduate 

    from RBC. The transfer credits allowed will depend upon the transcript of the student’s work at his/her

     previous school, to be confirmed after his first term’s work at RBC. Class placement will be determined

     at the sole discretion of the Faculty.

  9. The Reformed Bible College diploma covers a four-year course and requires 180 credit hours for the 

    award of a Bible College diploma in theology, while the Bible School diploma covers a three-year 

    course and requires 120 credit hours for the award of the corresponding diploma in theology.

  10. Any College or bible School student who goes through the prescribed course of study but fails to 

    earn the required credit-hours to graduate with a diploma may either be asked to repeat the subjects

     failed or be awarded with a certificate of attendance.

Cooperative Duties

  1. Dormitories must at all times be kept clean and tidy and are to be closed and be out of bounds 

    during class hours and manual work. Beds must be made every morning

  2. Waking time is 5.30 am. There will follow thirty minutes of Quiet Time. The rest of the time till breakfast 

    will be spent for morning duties and in preparation for classes. Breakfast will be served from 7: 15-7:45 am. 

    This will be followed by morning devotions from 7: 45-8:15am. Classes begin at 8:30 am and run 

    until 3:30 pm. Lunch will be served at 12:30-1:30pm, and Supper 6:00-6:45pm. Meals are to be taken 

    within the periods prescribed.

  3. Students must keep classrooms and the surrounding grounds clean and tidy under the supervision 

    of the prefects. Prefects are to meet on Fridays and compile reports of challenges faced during the week.

    These reports are to be given to the Dean who in turn will report them to the Faculty, if and whenever


  4. Each student is required to give the College one hour of free work daily in the time allotted for 

    manual. The teacher on duty shall organise such work in conjunction with the head prefect.

  5. Personal cleanliness and neat appearance are expected from each student. “Cleanliness is next to 


  6. Respect and good manners toward both teachers and fellow-students are necessary to ensure 

    smooth relationships. Students must address teachers by respectful titles or their surnames.

  7. Respect for the property of fellow-students and of the College is demanded of all students. College 

    property must be looked after. Furniture, utensils, and tools must not be left outside in the sun or rain. 

    Initiative in protecting such items is required. Students should not wait for others to do what they can, 

    and are in a position to, do themselves. A Christian willingness to lend a helping hand, even when not 

    asked for or expected, should be cultivated.

  8. A student who carelessly or wilfully destroys any College property shall be made to pay for its replacement.

  9. A Student Council will be elected every February with the officers, Chairman and his Vice, Secretary and his 

    vice, and Treasurer. The Chairman is the liaison between the Student Body and the Faculty. Prefects will be appointed by the Faculty.

  10. Students are expected to put their studies first and foremost during the term. If a student needs to go to 

    town for his/her own purposes, he/she must be back before dark and later only by permission. All outings 

    must be personally entered into the Sign-Out Register, indicating the time signed out, reason for going 

    out, and teacher authorizing the outing. Sign in time must also be entered upon the student’s return.

  11. Technical school students shall be allowed to go shopping on Wednesdays between 10:30 am and 12:00 noon. Good behaviour on such outings is expected; otherwise the privilege may be withdrawn.

  12. Library books must be signed out by the student in

the Library Sign-Out Book, entering the date borrowed and returned. No book is to be taken out of the Library

without being signed for. Reference books are to be used only in the Library.

  1. The menu for meals is settled for the term through consultations with the Dean. No changes shall be 

    made without his approval.

  2. The cook takes direction from the Faculty only and not from students. Students are not allowed to use 

    Kitchen for eating or cooking their own meals.

  3. The College does not encourage visitors to eat meals at the College but if such cases are unavoidable, 

    the food charge is Ksh 50 per meal, or adjustable according to food costs.

  4. Nothing shall be taken from the store without the permission and oversight of the teacher in charge of the


  5. Students are encouraged to welcome visitors and direct them courteously to the office. Long conversations 

    with these visitors are not allowed without permission. Students are to be visited during break and lunch hours only.

  6. There shall be no public display of affections. A male and female student should not be in closed or 

    secluded areas alone. Nor should they go to any function outside the college alone. Female students 

    suspected of being pregnant shall undergo pregnancy test on their own expenses, and if found to be

     pregnant, they shall be suspended from the College.

  7. Girls are to be in their dormitories immediately after evening preps. Night movements outside the 

    dormitories are not allowed.

  8. Male students are not allowed to visit female dormitories.

Spiritual Life

Students are encouraged to study their Bibles daily and in a systematic way. All students, except those who

have been assigned to other churches, shall worship on Sundays at the Kautha IPC congregation. Students

 are also expected to participate in the college’s outreach ministry and tract distribution. Students assigned

to other churches should invite other students to their churches only with permission from the principal. In

such a circumstance, the students going out must be at least three, if males and females. Under no circumstance should a female and a male student go out alone, even if, and especially when, going to church.


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