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The sanctifying and establishing grace of God is necessary, and indispensably needful, to preserve both ministers and people, steadfast in the faith of the gospel, and to persevere them in their obedience to it.

Most RBC graduates  thankfully, are  occupying  pulpits or serving God in their calling.

Churches that bring their Students to RBC can witness this very well, that those who are taught here, have  this burden for lost souls. We thank God for preparing them and using them. This means God  makes them holy, thus separating  them from the world and consecrating them to Himself. It is our prayer that these graduates will stick to the service, and in joy, serve our Master.

Justus Munuve Preparing A Pastor's House At Koliani IPC

While in college they are able to occupy pulpits under other Pastors. This gives them opportunities for practicing and acquitting themselves with the ministries. Currently 8 students are serving , they have to travel over the weekend for services.  Christ in John 12:26 says “If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there
shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour". So keep on praying for them and for their academic performance.

We hope that these churches will be  encouraged to have feelings of independence and of self-government and self supporting, in the presence and power of the Spirit of Jesus within the community itself and its ministers. So that men who are actually office-bearers, will at least lead and perform the functions of office-bearers and enrich the Body of Christ as spirit enabled servants.

Thanks to all sponsors who have provided  means of transport which enables the students to minister to their churches, yet continue in school. My God blessall these efforts.








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