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Academic work is not the only activity in which the students at RBC are engaged. Alongside it we endeavour to cultivate the spiritual character and Christian leadership in our students. Morning and evening personal devotions are encouraged. The students are required to participate in various aspects of our RBC Chapel Ministry: evangelism, tract distribution, and involvement with local churches in such capacities as are offered to them and in children’s projects associated with the College. Most of the College students are proud to belong to the College choir.

Of a more mundane but practical nature, the students at RBC are also involved in such activities as sports and gardening. Students are also encouraged to participate in the Income Generating Activities (IGAs) of the College. In this endeavour, we maintain a vegetable and fruit garden and keep a few cows.   

 Similarly, at RBC, students learn the practical art of living as brothers and sisters, for RBC is a family. Students from different ethnic groups and nationalities learn to love one another and to live together in harmony and in peace.

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