Reformed Bible College & Technical School Mwingi, Kenya

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Our Admissions Requirements

We are a Bible College and as such, require that those who come to RBC be amenable to the teaching of the Word of God. Personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and spiritual walk with God are enjoined as cardinal rules.

Reformed Bible College and Technical School has two wings, the theological and the technical wings. The technical wing admits primary 8 school leavers for a two year course leading to grade III trade test for dress making and tailoring. This test is administered by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources. The theological wing has two wings also, the Bible School and the Bible College wings. The Bible School wing admits primary 8 school leavers for a three year course leading to Bible School diploma in theology. Completion of Bible School training would qualify successful candidates for admission to the Bible College wing. The College wing admits Form Four school leavers for a four year course leading to a Bible College Diploma in theology. To earn a theological diploma from the RBC, a candidate must earn at least 180 credit hours. A credit hour is computed as a successful completion of a one hour class per week for twelve weeks of the term.


Our Fee requirement

Our fees are pocket, very pocket friendly. We charge the lowest fees in town. This is not because we offer poor training. On the contrary, we offer our best in the spirit of spending and being spent in the ministry, for freely we have received, and freely give. It is also out of consideration of the circumstances under which the bulk of our students live. Low as the fees are, we still have many would-be students fail to enrol at the College because they cannot afford the fess. For this reason, student sponsorship is sought from well-wishers. The IPC, as a denomination, does support the College through funds collected at its anniversary meetings. More information about how to sponsor students can be obtained from the Dean of Students.


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