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Graduation 2014

We praise God that once again we have had a good number graduate from our college. As the photo shows there were 7 dressmaking & tailoring students & 9 theology students. On the left of the photo we have Dr Mwanth, Principal, Rev Geoffrey Muthangya, Deputy Pricipal & Miss Azbeta Muhini, Matron of the girls. On the right we have Pastor Simon Muvengei, Dean of Students.

Below you can read a little about each of the theology students.

Joyce Maluki is 23 years of age & is dedicated to teaching children & young people, the Gospel of Christ. She says that is what God has called her to do.

I have seen her in action & she is truly dynamic.

She studied for two years then had to leave because she did not have the fees.

Thankfully, someone offered to sponsor her last year and now she has finished her four year course.

Lydia Munyoki is just 21. She is a fine & serious Christian woman who desires to assist in her church with the teaching of Sunday School children & youth.

She has recently been asked by a pastor who is running a youth conference, to be one of the counsellors. She said that is her aim, to counsel youth & young children, to come to Christ.

Elijah Oweri is from the Africa Inland Church in Western Kenya near Kisii
Elijah has pastored a congregation near the college, while studying.
He has now returned to his own church.

James Lenkaak is 26 years old and comes from Samburu country in Northern Kenya.
Samburu is so far north that it is not viable for students to return home for holidays so James studied Early Childhood Education during his college holidays and also graduated from that course.
We have seen him to be a quiet & particularly reliable young man. He may find employment in teaching but has said that he would also love to assist Mick Alley, or other missionaries to Samburu, to spread the Gospel or help by translating for them.

John Mulunga is well known to me in Mwingi as he runs a hardware shop. We have purchased many items from him over the years. He is a real gentleman. He has also been a lay preacher in the Africa inland Church

He has sponsored himself through college.

 Frederick Ngwenze is a chemist by profession & served for many years at Mwingi Hospital. Since leaving the employ of the hospital he has opened a chemist shop very close to Kautha church & Reformed Bible College. He has been invaluable to us in assisting the students with their medical needs. They are advised to seek his advice & medicine & not attend other chemists who may overcharge them. His great desire to preach the Gospel brought him to RBC to study. Frederick has sponsored himself through college. He is a member of the Africa Inland Church.

Stephen Kimanzi is also a business man [furniture shop] in Mwingi and has done his theological studies during 2007 - 2010 & 2013 – 2014. He also has been a good friend to RBC in supplying goods at a good price. When I can’t think of his name I call him Mr Mattress. He always greets me with a friendly smile.

Stephen is also self-sponsored. He also runs a Christian school associated with his IPC church.

Frederick Muema  is a very active 67 year old and has been occupying the Pulpit at Kima Kimwe IPC in Machakos, east of Nairobi, before starting college.
He has been pastoring a congregation near the college while studying. He will now return to his own congregation in Machakos.

Paul Maluki Kitheka, is a man well on in years.  

Dr Japheth Mwanthi, Principal of RBC, says of Paul. “He has not attended school any time when you were here but he did attend the college rather erratically in the "olden days" and came to ask us to scrutinise his work and judge whether it is worth a diploma. And the Faculty did indeed adjudge his work as equivalent to BS [Bible School] diploma, and hence his inclusion in the graduation class of this year.”

I do remember his face. He has pastored churches for many years.

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