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 RBC is a family and a family that prays together. stays together;beside the day's schedule, prayerfully running from morning to evening, RBC begins the day and it's programmes with a devotion to our
Heavenly Father.

On Wednesday evening the RBC community has a prayer meeting  together.

Worship service regardless of how short it may appear will spiritually uplift everybody.
Every Student and Tutor is always in attendance for this great morning event.

The programme is presided by students , who are actively involved in presenting the Message in turn,. This moment takes just a half an hour and marks the beginning of the Day.

Prayer requests are invited and presented to the Lord  in gratitude for what  He has graciously done to individuals  and the entire College; thus we give ourselves  into a moment of prayer and silence to our Heavenly Father. 

At Wednesday evening prayer meeting  we do  invite guest speakers but most of the time teachers have that opportunity to share the word of the Lord with the students.

In  these moments of prayer  we share common college issues and do invite all our friend to share with us and look unto the lord with us, seeking God's Help.

Such prayers are ;

We expect visiting lecturers , I have been communicating with  them on the 2011 visit  for planning purposes  Thank God for the great house Ebenezer it has been a land Mark of the Lord's helping hand. I hope now they will  have somewhere to  lay their head whenever they visits the College. Pray that this works out.

We are to have  Seminars in the college, although  planned by the church head office, we are  to facilitate its success, this will be in  every  July and we shall have  pastors stay with us for 30 days for this training.  Pray that all goes well in the planning because we will have to merge the classes so that the current students also can benefit from some courses to be offered. We trust the Lord will prepare the trainers,

The training features :


Church Management and Administration,


Marriage officiating  and

Presbyterianism ,

IPC Constitution and Prayer Life.

So pray for these preparations and planning. We expect to accommodate them
in the college. this will cost us 4500 Ksh  for each Pastor and we will be waiting upon the lord's providence for this.

We hope to build a dormitory.  We got it's plan today and  given the fact that we hope to increase in number  , our dormitories will not be enough for the 2011 intake. Last term we gave up some offices now we have no more to give, and we are facing the challenge prayerfully, for eventually we shall be training servants of God for the great harvest.
And so by faith  we hope to take the plan for approval.
We hope it will give more room and shall be more decent for use. We prayerfully hope for resources for its construction.

Given the fact the we are increasing it has come on our mind that we have to extend our Shamba. The first  project has been a success and we have enjoyed green vegetables and have harvested maize and soon we will start harvesting fruits ( Mangoes and Pawpaw). If we can double the Garden it means we shall have double production  and so even if we increase  in number  our Garden production will be enough.  For this to be accomplished we need to fence  the land already allocated for this use, so  pray with us that this goal be attained

When we  have a bigger number of students this logically calls for improvement  and increase of  our resource books, ie The  Library .We Thank God, for in His providence, we  have five Laptop computers, if all will be installed software of Christian Books this means we will have some  improvements. David has done a good job in this and Mick Alley, too. We appreciate greatly other friends who have promised to support the library for the college. This also includes  Rev Don Burgess . (1Th 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.) Pray that the students have a desire to read and seek  these great truths.

Pray for the Samburu Ministry. Some boys have now been trained for one year and more will be coming from the same place and we hope and trust that some how God will start a  true reformed Presbyterian Church  up there. So that the training does not go to waste.

We also remember all our sponsors, well wishers  and friends and do pray for our special request from individuals or organizations. You too can share your prayer request with us and we will continue looking unto God in Prayers . Amen
















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