Reformed Bible College & Technical School Mwingi, Kenya

Bible College

Application Form





A. Personal Information

1. Names_________________________________
2. Postal Address___________________________
3. Date of birth: date _____ month_________year______
4. Place of birth: Town _________________Location___________
District ___________ Province __________
5. Marital Status: Single / Married / Divorced
6. Wife's Name____________________________
7. Date of birth: date _______________ month ________ year_____
8. Place of birth: Town________________Location________
9. Does your wife agree with you and support your desire to train at Reformed Bible
College? Yes / No
10. Children: Yes / No (circle one)
11. If "yes," how many? ____Ages _____ to_______
12. Father: Living / Dead
13. Mother: Living / Dead
14. Do your parents approve of your desire and sponsor you to train at Reformed
Bible College? Yes / No (circle one)
15. Do you have any chronic health problems which
require medication or regular treatment? Yes /No
(circle one)
If “yes” explain ______________________________
Are there any foods you cannot / will not eat?

B. Educational Background
1. Primary Education: Schools attended:
a. ____________________________from__________to__________
b. ____________________________from__________to__________
c. Points received: _________
2. Secondary Education: Schools attended:
a. _____________________________from __________to _________
b. _____________________________from __________to _________
c. Grade attained: ________
3. Theological Education: Schools attended:
a. _____________________________from_______to______
b. _____________________________from ______ to ______
c. Ranking attained:Diploma/Certificate/Other
(if “other”), specify)___________________________
4. Send us photocopies of all your academic records, signed by your pastor as proof that
they are identical with the originals.

C. Christian Experience
1. Are you saved? Yes / No / Not sure
2. Using a separate sheet of paper, describe the circumstances under which you were saved.
3. To what church do you belong?
a. Name of Church___________________________________
b. Postal Address ____________________________________
4. Are you a member in good standing? _________
5. If not, explain on a separate piece of paper
6. Do you hold any leadership position in your church? Yes / No
7. Enclose a letter of recommendation from your local church officers, signed and rubber

D. Leadership Experience
Use a separate sheet of paper to describe any leadership experience, whether secular or
Christian, that you have had. State what position you held, or now hold, for how long,
and what duties you performed. Indicate also whether or not you have received any
specialised training in any skill you might have.

E. Applicant's Commitment
1. Are you enclosing your Ksh 300/= application fee?______
2. Are you willing to abide by the rules of Reformed Bible College during your stay as
a student?___________
3. Do you understand and accept the fact that reckless violations of these rules will result
in your expulsion from the College?____________
4. Signature of Applicant_____________________
5. Date of application________________________

F. Either:

The following section to be filled in by the Applicant's church:
1. We, the officers of the _____________________ Church, hereby certify that, so
far as we know, the information given by the Applicant on this form is correct. We
also certify that we are sponsoring this student, ___________________ to Reformed
Bible college for school fees, transportation, and other incidental expenses like pens, papers,
bedding, soap. We are aware that the current fees per term are Ksh. ____________

2. Officers of the local Pastorate, or Branch, or Committee:
Chairman ____________________________
Secretary ____________________________
Treasurer ____________________________

Date: ___________ (Official Stamp)

3. Officers of the Presbytery, or Synod, or Deanery or Diocese, or Central Council:
Bishop /Moderator ____________________
Secretary ____________________________
Treasurer ____________________________
Date: _________________ (Official Stamp)

F. Or:-
The following section is to be filled in by the Applicant's private sponsor:

I, _______________________________ of Postal address _______________________
, do hereby certify that so far as I know, the information given by the Applicant on this
form is correct. I also certify that I am sponsoring this student,________________________
to Reformed Bible college, for school fees, transportation, and other incidental expenses
like pens, papers, bedding, stamps, soap, and so on. State here any special conditions:
I am aware that the current fees per term are Ksh. __________________

Signature ___________________Date___________

This Section is to be filled in by the College

The Principal of Reformed Bible college of the Bible does hereby accept the application
of this student to join the Reformed Bible college of the Bible in preparation for the Lord's work:
G. The following section is to be filled in by non-Kenyan Applicants

1. The Kenyan Government requires foreign students to have a Pupil’s Pass in order to study in Kenya. The current cost of the Pass is Ksh 2,000/= for one year. (This figure may be revised by the government without any warning). You MUST bring with you Ksh. 8,000 for the four years and deposit it with the College. The Government requires the College to apply for this Pass on your behalf as soon as you arrive in the country.

2. There are three holiday months in the College year: April, August and December. In some cases the College can provide work for foreign students during these cover room and board expenses. However, the College cannot guarantee such work for every student. Therefore, for these three months you will need either:

a. money for food, or

b. a place in Kenya to stay. If you have friends in Kenya with whom you can stay during these College vacations, please write their names and addresses here:

(1) Name _______________________________
Postal Address _______________________
Telephone ___________________________

(2) Name _______________________________
Postal Address________________________

(3) Name _______________________________
Postal Address________________________

For more information concerning any aspect of the College, send your inquiries to
The Dean of Students
Reformed Bible College and Technical School
P. O. Box 37-90400, Mwingi.
Mobile: (254) 0710 469 405



To be torn off and sent to successful applicants)
This will notify you,_______________________________, that you have
been accepted as a student at Reformed Bible College. Please
report at the College, Mwingi on the ______________________. Bring
your fees with you, Ksh. __________.
Principal: _____________________date___________


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